• Kim Welter

Same Place, New View

"What are we going to do today?"

That is the sentiment I hear each and every weekend as we sit around the breakfast table. Three sets of eyes, staring at me waiting to layout all the exciting plans I made for the day or weekend, usually I smile blankly and run down the list of our favorite haunts. This is met with the typical responses:

"Ugh again?"

"Really, can't we do something else?"

or my personal favorite:

"That is so boring, seriously do we HAVE too?" this one is met with the classic teen eye roll with a side of huge annoyance.

I am not sure when my family bestowed this honor of "planner of fun" upon me but I want to return this precious title as fast as I can. They may believe I have unlimited ideas of fun but after 4 years of living in Annapolis, I have run out of ideas. So my standard thought is same place new view. So dear child of mine, you may not want to go on this fabulous exploration I have planned because you have done it before but today remember SAME PLACE, NEW VIEW.

Life is what you make of it, you will not always have new places to explore or see. You may end up finding yourself venturing down the same path more times than you care to see but you always have the option view it in a new way. Search for small changes, a new way to take a photo but mostly just appreciate the ability to explore because life is rarely about the big adventures but rather all the small ones you get to enjoy.

Before you leave, remember explore boldly but if you find yourself wandering the same paths over and over, simply open your eyes and see it all in a new view.