• Kim Welter

I'm Bored

I know, I know you are judging me for my lame title, I can hear it now. But this is a statement that is rarely made around this house and I have failed you because of it. You see, through boredom comes great invention. In this day in age, my dear children, you are rarely bored. If you are bored, then the TV, IPAD or Xbox come out. Never do you find yourself sitting around staring at the ceiling pondering HOW BORED YOU ARE. Never do you find yourself pacing around the room, aimlessly asking your parents for suggestions (surprise they will always involve reading or cleaning) and being so frustrated with your state of boredom that you pick yourself up and invent something fun to do.

I hope you find yourself so bored that you pack a backpack with random item, then take yourself to go exploring or build a fort. Be so bored that you head outside and create a new game with your sibling. Is it too cold, rainy or hot to go outside? Then find yourself so BORED that you sit down and learn a new skill or hobby. Teach yourself something, explore all the possibilities of life but don't just sit there and let xbox or TV entertain you.

After you have built a fort, taken a walk, learnt a new skill, sit back and review what being bored has taught you. Look at the lessons you learnt along the way, memories you created and the laughs you shared with friends. That is the beauty in being bored. So before you leave, I hope you are bored often, actually I hope you look for ways to be bored.