• Kim Welter

Choose Happiness

As I sit here on this January morning, I am thinking about all the things I want to tell you that I have learnt in life. There are 3 years left before you both will graduate high school and start the adventure of your independent life. While at times, the past 14 years have seem long, in truth, it has gone in a blink of an eye. They say "the days are long but the years are short" I can confirm that is more true than I would like to admit. With this sentiment in mind, I will start my new blog to you: BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Before you leave, I hope you always choose happiness. Get that eye roll off your face and hear me out. Yes, there will be hard times, bad decisions, and a times when things will not go your way. But choose happiness. Choose to look at the bright side, to make the tough decisions not based on fear but what will lead you to happiness. Don't be afraid to leap but always look first. The change will be scary, hard and sometimes cause you some pain but if you always act with in the faith of your happiness, you will find the correct path.

Happiness will come in many forms, make sure you use your head and your heart to make decisions. It may come in the form of taking the time to spend a moment with the one you love even when you SHOULD be doing other things, it could come from a hike in nature to see untold beauty at the end of a path. But sometimes it comes from the hard work striving to create or working towards that goal that is burning inside you. If that is your happiness, good for you! Don't let anyone tell you what your happiness is, always look inside of you.

Be aware that choosing happiness means that you will not always be joyful, it means that after a hard situation or a painful experience, you get up, dust yourself off and choose to see what you learnt and how to get back to happiness. Because in life, there will be pain and hardship but how you come out of the other side is your choice. Remember CHOOSE HAPPINESS.



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