Mobile Phone Course

Ever wonder how other people's social media pictures look so perfect?  In this course, we will cover the how to go from snapshots to art, all in the palm of your hand!   In addition, I will show you to create photobooks  and print your photos all from your phone.  This is an in person class.


Inspiration in the palm of your hand

Don't have time for an in person class?   Am I not local to you?   Then this book is for you!   In this ebook, you will learn how to go from taking a snapshot to creating artful images.   We cover settings, composition, lighting, editing and printing.   Everything you learn would learn in person and a bonus section on creating and editing videos on your phone!



Photograpy - The Basics online Class

This 4 week class goes over the basics of photography.   We will cover the exposure triangle, types of lighting and how to work within each one, composition elements and editing.   Each week will have an assignment and personalize feedback provided.